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New Developments for Coltraco

Created on Saturday, May 14, 2016 and posted in Industry News
New Developments for Coltraco

New Developments for Coltraco which is Proud to Support the Indian Coast Guard

New Developments for Coltraco – In co-operation with our Marine Partners in India, Navicom, we are very pleased to announce the first fleet supply of Portascanner™ Watertight to the Indian Coast Guard for their new fleet of Offshore Patrol Vessel’s built by Goa Shipyard Limited and delivering 2016-17.

The fleet of 105 ¬metre new generation Offshore Patrol Vessel’s (OPV’s), increase the Coast Guard’s requirements for policing of the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone and support other Coast Guard functions in search and rescue, pollution control, ocean surveillance and the monitoring of sea lanes of communication, a GSL release said. The vessels are also capable of supporting embarkation of India’s indigenously designed Advanced Light Helicopter.

This is building on work with Navicom, our Naval & Shipping partners in India,  when we visited India back in September 2015. We exhibited at INMEX-SMM in Mumbai in partnership with Navicom’s Commander Vikesh and his wonderful team. It was a great exhibition in which we were delighted to announce our Indian Navy contract for Portascanner™ Watertight. We are proud of our service to so many Navies around the world. It was a pleasure to meet Commanders and a Commodore from the Indian Navy at the exhibition. Meeting over 120 customers and partner companies. We are exceptionally grateful to Navicom for their fine and generous hosting.

Accident Analysis: Talk about Bangkok Siam Commercial Bank Building fire extinguishing system of the accident March 13

All credit to Mr David Cao, our Fire Safety Partner in China for his article following the fire outbreak in Siam Bank in March. Mr Cao writes his views on the incident, on fire safety in more general terms and extols the advantages that Portalevel® MAX offers to fire safety management regimes. Mr Cao’s article has been re-published by 20 different Fire Brigades in China, including the Chinese Government Fire Department of Ministry of Public Security’s “China Fire” WeChat account and over 50,000 people have read his post.

To sum up: You can determine that: The Siam Commercial Bank incident was a contractor improper maintenance of the system are not familiar with the case, the system is subjected to electromagnetic induction (a lot of sparks) cause an electric squib vessel by electromagnetic induction or an electric squib lead by more than 175 degrees Celsius accident system eruption.

New Developments for Coltraco







Fires cause huge risk to the company and the environment is dangerous existence. Therefore, it is necessary to test the content of extinguishing agent fire suppression systems, and to ensure their normal operation and contain sufficient extinguishing agent. Weighing is a common method used to test. Fire safety standards prescribed amount of extinguishing agent is a method validation. However, the weighing method time-consuming. Each cylinder must be removed and weighed separately. This year is one of the reasons this method only once. Industry are increasingly aware of the risk of manual monitoring of fixed fire extinguishing systems, monitoring methods began to change. In the past, the owners comply with fire safety regulations, the most liberal part of the system checked once a year only. However, the owners want to protect important assets, this approach is not sufficient, because there is no consideration to the fire extinguishing cylinder slow leaks and accidental discharge.

Portalevel® ultrasonic non-invasive technology that enables users to check the exact level high degree of precision to +/-1.5 mm. Equipment clean, safe, easy to use – almost anyone can learn how to operate.

Permalevel® Multiplex is the world’s first fixed fire extinguishing agent level monitoring system. 24 hours a day year can simultaneously monitor 16 cylinders. Permalevel® Multiplex ensure the normal operation of the fire extinguishing system to protect high-value assets, infrastructure, and more importantly, to protect personal safety.

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