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Firexo Signs One Hundred and Fifty Service Providers

Created on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 and posted in Industry News
Firexo Signs One Hundred and Fifty Service Providers

Firexo Signs One hundred and fifty service providers in the first three months of business: Revolutionary fire solution launched in November 2018 and is the only liquid able to quickly extinguish all classes of fire (A, B, C, D, E, & F)

6th February 2019 – One hundred and fifty service providers have partnered with Firexo to become official resellers of its ground-breaking fire extinguishing solution, just three months from the company’s launch in November 2018.

The fire safety service providers will begin distributing the product from March. Firexo is available to purchase in four forms: Firexo Extinguishers, Firexo Spray, Firexo Sachet for use on pan fires, and Firexo Mass, for emergency services and service providers. Firexo is available for any home, any business, any event, any vehicle, anywhere.

Firexo is the only solution able to extinguish all classes of fire, taking the confusion out of which extinguisher to use on which fire. Electrical, fuel, gas, oil, fat, metals, and solid combustible material fires can all be put out with this single solution.

Firexo is also environmentally friendly – the non-toxic liquid is made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable, with a neutral PH, meaning it doesn’t harm the surroundings. It cools materials to a temperature that they can be handled, creates less debris, and requires small volumes to extinguish a fire, making clearing up easier. It’s the combination of these properties which have proved so popular with Firexo’s provider partners and spurred them into bringing the product to a wider audience.

In one test, nine litres of the extinguishing liquid put out a car fire in just 53 seconds, whereas conventional methods can take up to an hour and use approximately 1,800 litres of water. Therefore, a rapid-response motorcycle could hold enough Firexo liquid to put out up to three cars.

Nicki Stewart, Sales Director of Firexo, said: “To sign one hundred and fifty service providers across the UK in just three months from launch is really gratifying, but it demonstrates that the fire industry is ready for a product like Firexo. As the only solution on the market able to extinguish all types of fires, Firexo can dramatically reduce the cost and impact of fire on people’s lives, property and businesses.”

“We’ve had very positive feedback from the fire industry, and services, recognising the potential that Firexo offers. We’re excited to work together with our new partners to ensure there’s always a Firexo extinguisher to hand whenever someone needs to reach for one, and look forward to signing the next hundred.”

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