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New experimental module for Fire Testing

Created on Thursday, June 9, 2016 and posted in Industry News
experimental module for Fire Testing

A new, unique experimental module for fire testing!

SP Fire Research has invested a experimental module for Fire testing! This consists  in a new false ceiling in the large test hall, which can be raised to any desired height up to 15 m. This provides unique opportunities for flexible experimental setups. This is, amongst other things, particularly useful when testing extinguishing systems, where one can easily adjust the height and room size according to customer requirements. Such extinguishing systems can for instance be used in warehouses, machinery spaces, hangars and atriums.

experimental module

Image 1: Parts of the new adjustable ceiling.

The ceiling covers an area of 476 m2 (17 m x 28 m) and can be raised up to a height of 15 m. This makes it possible to achieve a room size of up to 7 140 m3. The ceiling consists of two modules, which makes it possible to have different heights below the ceiling in different parts of the room.

experimental module

Figure 1: Overview of the large test hall at SP Fire Research in Trondheim.

As an example, we could previously offer extinguishing tests according to IMO 1165 (water mist system for use in machinery spaces) in a room of 3 348 m3. With the new module we more than double the room size, which makes it possible to perform acceptance tests of systems to be used in even larger machinery spaces than today.

Kristian Hox
+47 90 73 91 87

This article was provided by SP and published in Brandposten.


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