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ROCKWOOL UK Launches DuctRock®

ROCKWOOL UK Launches DuctRock® a NEW Fire Resistant Product @ FIREX 2018

See what ROCKWOOL UK have been up to at FIREX 2018, including the exciting launch of a new fire-resistant ductwork insulation product, DuctRock®!

Specifically designed to meet the latest, rigorous EN fire resistance standards in a varied range of ductwork applications, DuctRock® also features a high quality, black outer foil finish that provides a smart, aesthetic finish for ductwork manufacturers, contractors and end-users.

FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab is manufactured with high density, non-combustible stone wool insulation and finished with a high emissivity black foil facing. Available in three thicknesses, DuctRock® Slab is easy to handle, simple to install and capable of achieving fire resistance of up to EI 120.

FirePro® Glue and a high performance Black Aluminium Foil Tape are also readily available from ROCKWOOL for sealing all board joints.

Up to EI 2 Hours on A, B, and C type ducts
Tested on both vertical and horizontal ducts
Wide ranging scope for many duct types
High quality black foil finish
Patented horizontal penetration detail

To learn more about our new product, visit:

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