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Ymer VPL Bladdertanks

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Ymer VPL Bladdertanks are constructed according to to the European pressure vessle directive and can also be supplied as ASME VIII DIV. Fomtec supply Vertical Bladdertanks with proportioner ranging from normal size of 200 litres up to 15000 litre. Ymer VPL range is for small tanks of sizes 200, 400, and 600 litres.

Ymer VPL Bladdertanks are Carbon or Stainless Steel pressure vessel containing an elastomeric separation bladder between water and foam concentrate. The bladder permits water pressure to be transfered to the foam concentrate and mixed into the water stream with the use of a foam proportioner. This technology is widely spread in firefighting thanks to its reliability and flexibility to changing pressures and flowrates.

Ymer bladdertanks are constructed according to the European pressure vessel directive and can also be supplied as ASME code version. We supply vertical and horizontal bladdertanks ranging from a size of 200 liters up to 20000 liters.


The bladder tank, together with ratio controllers, form a balanced pressure proportioning system used to mix water and firefighting foam together to generate an effective extinguishing medium.

The bladder tank technology is a reliable and precise mixing method that is widespread in the firefighting industry. This method allows to maintain the water/foam ratio stable by adjusting automatically to the variable flow rate and pressure conditions that may occur during the operation.

This feature makes bladdertanks particularly suitable to fit multiple hazard systems, sprinkler system and any other system operating under variable, non-predictable, flow or pressure conditions.

Functional description

The bladder tank is a carbon steel pressure vessel (stainless steel construction optional) containing an elastomeric separation bladder between water and foam concentrate. The bladder permits water pressure to be transferred to the foam concentrate without these two fluids can mix together. A foam proportioner, as described in a separate data sheet, generates a water pressure drop where the water stream passes through. As foam concentrate pressure is higher than the water pressure inside the foam proportioner, the foam will be proportioned into the water stream at a pre-determined ratio.

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