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Double Chamber VDD Deluge Valve

The double chamber VDD deluge valve is a diaphragm type valve available in diameter sizes from 3” (DN 80), 4” (DN100), 6” (DN150) and 8” (DN 200).

The two priming chambers, each one provided with its own diaphragm and control trim, provide fully redundancy improving the safety availability of the system.

The double chamber VDD deluge valve is used to control water flow in deluge, preaction, pressure reducing and ON/OFF fire protection systems. With the proper additional accessories installed (pressure switch, water motor alarm), they are able to provide actuation of fire alarms upon system operation.

In normal operating conditions the valve is held closed by the water pressure in the two priming chambers. In fire conditions water is released from the priming chambers through the release systems of the trims, and the valve latches open under the effect of the water supply pressure.
It is designed for external resetting, without opening the valve. The cover plates allow in-line maintenance and field replace of the diaphragms to be performed.

The deluge valve Mod. VDD is compatible with electric, electro-pneumatic, ON/OFF electric, pressure reducing electric, pressure reducing ON/OFF electric and pressure reducing ON/OFF electro-pneumatic release systems (trims).

Main Technical Characteristics:
Body Materials:

  • Nickle Aluminium Bronze ASTM B148 C95800
  • Bronze EN 1982 – CC491K
  • Marine Bronze EN 1982 – CC492K
  • Carbon Steel ASTM A216-WCB
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316 ASTM A351 – A743 CF8M
  • Super Austenitic Stainless Steel ASTM A351 Gr. CK3MCuN (SMO 254®)
  • Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A995 – A890 Gr. 4A
  • Super Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A890 Gr. 5A
  • Hastelloy® C-276 ASTM A494 CW-12MW
  • Titanium ASTM B367 Gr. C2
  • Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12

Diaphragm material: EPDM fabric reinforced
Base Connection: Flanged ANSI B16.24 or UNI EN 1092-1
Design pressure: 26 bar
Minimum working pressure: 1.38 bar (20 psi)
Connection for main drain valve upstream
All deluge valves are suitable for installation in the safe area, ATEX zone 1 and ATEX zone 2

Built-in bypass line

The deluge valve Model VDD has two priming chambers, each one provided with its own diaphragm and trim. The system is fully redundant, with the trims controlled by two independent automatic release systems.

Each priming chamber is designed to provide a waterway equal to the waterway provided by a classic deluge valve of the same diameter size. In case of failure of one diaphragm, the opening of the other diaphragm provides the nominal design waterway for the correct operation of the fire suppression system.

Designed to overcome a double failure

A hydraulic bridge between the trims allows each trim to control both the diaphragms, releasing the water trapped in the two priming chambers. In case of failure of one trim, the other trim can open both the priming chambers through a hydraulic bridge. Thus the double chamber deluge valve can overcome a double failure trim + priming chamber.

Fire suppression system always in service

The double chamber deluge valve allows in-line maintenance to be performed, keeping the fire suppression system in service. In fact, the double chamber deluge valve has two built-in isolation valves located upstream and downstream of the diaphragms respectively.

During normal operation the isolation valves are in neutral position. During maintenance the isolation valves can be alternatively turned right or left to isolate the priming chamber which is to be maintained. Meanwhile, the other priming chamber remains on duty keeping the fire suppression system in service.

An external indicator and proximity sensors allow the position of the two valves to be monitored, and a locking system prevents their accidental or incorrect rotation.

  • VDD Deluge Valve
  • VDD Deluge Valve
  • VDD Deluge Valve Trim Panel
  • VDD Deluge Valve Trim Panel

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