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The new Fire Beam ONE bridges the gap in our range for an entry level device where the advantages of motorisation and adjustability are not needed and budget is a major consideration.

We have taken a long look at this sector of the market and come up with what we believe to be the best in class! Incorporated into our design of the Fire Beam ONE are a few must-haves that make commissioning and in-service durability truly world beating.

To aid commissioning we have incorporated an easy to see green laser that is individually calibrated in the factory with the beam path, meaning that if the green dot of the laser is on the reflector the beam is aligned – very simple and very quick! This takes out the guess work and difficulties usually associated manualy aligned beams!

We have also incorporated a few other Fire Beam favourites:

  • Fully enclosed engineering to an IP65 rating, meaning cleaning will not harm alignment and ingress is not a problem.
  • Incredibly low power consumption (a constant 2mA) means with the use of a manufacturers interface, in most cases, the ONE can be made addressable and loop powered.
  • New advanced optics also mean that we have been able to extend the usable range of the beam to 70 metres with just one reflector and up to 120 metres with just 4 reflectors

All in all a rather attractive solution to the fixed beam market.

  • Fire Beam ONE

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