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You’ll find what you need among our array of high performing SOLBERG Discharge Devices. Whether you’re in the market for foam makers, monitors, hand line nozzles or anything in between, Solberg will deliver the right device to meet your hazard requirements.

Continuous Flow Hose Reel

SOLBERG Discharge Devices include SOLBERG Continuous Flow Hose Reel assemblies are manufactured with magna-cast aluminum supports and brass waterway. It also features a 1.5” (38mm) non-collapsible booster hose and brass 90-degree elbow inlet swivel with male 1.5” (38mm) NST outlet. The carbon steel reel was designed to store and deploy continuous flow hose, which allows liquid to flow while the hose is still on the reel.

Foam Chamber

SOLBERG Foam Chambers are NFPA-11 Type II air aspirating foam discharge devices that provide protection for open top floating and cone roof flammable liquid storage tanks. Foam chambers are a combination of a foam mixing chamber and a foam maker with an air inlet. A removable orifice plate is located between the flange inlet and solution pipe flange, and is sized to deliver the required foam solution at a specified pressure. A frangible glass vapor seal located in the foam chamber body prevents product vapors from entering the foam chamber body. The vapor seal will break once the foam solution enters, filling the foam chamber body with expanded foam. The foam flows to a deflector plate, which directs the foam to the inside of the storage tank wall and fuel surface, only allowing minimum foam submergence and fuel agitation.

Foam Maker

SOLBERG Foam Makers are available in two models with nominal flow rates ranging from 10 – 300 gpm (38 – 1136 lpm) at 30 – 150 psi (2 – 10 bar) with threaded inlets and outlets. The stainless steel discharge tube incorporates a mixing barrel, an orifice plate (sized for the required flow at a given pressure) and an air inlet to allow air into the foam solution stream to generate expanded foam. The foam maker is normally installed in the line of a semi-fixed or fixed foam fire protection system. SOLBERG Foam Makers are air-aspirating foam discharge devices used primarily for the protection
of the seal area of open top floating roof storage tanks and dike areas around storage tanks. Additional applications include protection of spill hazards and diked flammable liquid storage areas.

Foam Station

The SOLBERG Foam Station is a quick knock down, one-man operation foam
station. The unit is self-contained, consisting of a 35 gallon (132 litre) stainless
steel concentrate tank, eductor, handline nozzle and non-collapsible hose. When
in operation, water is introduced from a dedicated water source through the supply hose to the eductor. While water is passing through the eductor a vacuum is created, which draws foam concentrate out of the tank, up to the eductor and into the water stream, delivering the foam solution.

High Back Pressure Foam Maker

SOLBERG High Back Pressure Foam Makers are available in four models with nominal flow rates ranging from 100 – 400 gpm (379 – 1514 lpm) with flange inlets and outlets. The carbon steel discharge tube has four air induction holes placed 90 degrees apart to allow air into the foam solution stream to generate expanded foam.

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