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Siv 955 Fire Monitor

Dafo Fomtec AB

The Siv 955 Fire Monitor is a technologically advanced wireless controlled deck monitor, with a durable lightweight alloy construction and has a programmable automatic oscillating and stow as part of the standard supply.

With a hand-held wireless remote transmitter, firefighters can direct the monitorstream from as far as 200 meters away from the monitor, which contributes in their efficiency and enhances the safety.

The Model 855E- electric nozzle, has an adjustable four settings baffle for flow options of 1140-4800 lpm.

The waterway with turning vanes, improves the stream quality and is suitable for flows up to 4800 lpm at a 135° vertical travel (90° above horizontal to 45° below).

The Siv 955 Fire Monitor body is hard coated anodized Aluminum with tough powder coating, which will ensure durability on the long term. This model is designed for water & foam applications and is equipped with totally enclosed and sealed gear motors and waterproof electric drives and circuit box. and has an easy two-wired installation.

No control cables between monitor, nozzle and transmitter, which significantly reduces installation costs.


The 955 should be used where medium flows of water or foam, together with a durable design is needed such as:

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Tank farms
  • Loading areas
  • Chemical plants
  • Municipal
  • Storage facilities


Touch Screen Control Panel

Designed to be mounted to the apparatus is the ultimate in control of the fire stream. Fully customizable display screens to make total control simple and user-friendly that controlling up/down, left/right, flow pattern, opening the valve, oscillating and displaying the position can not be easier.

Panel Mount Primary controller

Designed to be permanently mounted to the apparatus.

Able to override all others.

Hand-held wireless remote transmitter

  • Siv 955 Fire Monitor

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