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Linear heat detectors SecuriSens LIST/d-LIST

SecuriSens LIST: precise fire detection in difficult conditions

Fire detection systems have to be particularly robust in certain situations, such as when interference from dust, heat, smoke or exhaust fumes makes detection difficult. Securiton’s SecuriSens LIST line-type heat detectors offer dependable safety in harsh environments.

Detecting incipient fires in tunnels, industrial facilities, power plants and multi-storey car parks in a timely fashion is both a significant challenge and an absolute necessity: the fire risk in these types of structure is particularly high, and a fire would be fatal. SecuriSens LIST helps eliminate these risks effectively by detecting incipient fires in record time.

Rapid fire localisation

The core elements of SecuriSens LIST are its sensor cables. They contain highly sensitive addressed sensors, whose response behaviour can be programmed individually. The distance between the sensors in the cable can also be selected to create a monitoring system that is tailored to the specific risk profile of the asset, as well as to local installation regulations. Sensor resolution is 0.1°C, which allows for extremely precise evaluation. In doing so, both maximum temperature behaviour and differential temperature behaviour are analysed. It is even possible for each cable to have different detection areas with independent alarm thresholds and individual pre-signal thresholds, thus allowing the system to locate the alarms with a uniquely high level of precision. Proven evaluation logarithms mean the system is also false alarm-proof.

Extremely robust and communicative

LIST sensor cables can be used temperatures ranging from -55°C to (briefly) +200°C. Harmful EMC interference is repelled by the closed aluminium shielding. The cables are absolutely maintenance-free and designed for extremely long-term operation. An exclusive feature is the problem-free branching of cable harnesses, which offers interfaces to superordinate systems and open data protocols. Temperatures and events are displayed on the cable terminal processor or computer.

LIST: tunnel safety

SecuriSens LIST is the ideal fire sentry for tunnels. The system offers reliable monitoring of sections up to 3,200 metres in length, or up to 350 sensors. Up to two sensor cables can be connected redundantly to one LISTcontroller. The configuration and event data can be transferred conveniently using a web interface or USB stick. The plain text displays in various languages on the controller display allow for intuitive operation, as do the navigation and function keys – perfect for a quick response in an emergency.

d-LIST: safety in industrial facilities

SecuriSens d-LIST ensures efficient fire protection in industrial facilities, power plants, cold stores, car parks, mines, ships and more. The system keeps fire hazards in check on sections of up to 2 x 250 metres or 99 sensors. It impresses thanks to simple installation and commissioning, and is a reliable and cost-effective solution for meeting stringent safety requirements and standards.

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