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SecuriBeam BSD 535

Securiton AG

Beam Smoke Detector SecuriBeam BSD 535: Reliable fire protection with infrared light beam

The beam smoke detector SecuriBeam BSD 535 combines a simple principle with sophisticated technology. The device sends a beam of infrared light to a reflector and simultaneously receives the reflected light beam. If the light beam is attenuated by smoke, the SecuriBeam immediately sounds the alarm.

Ideal monitoring system for large premises

The distance between the detection device and the reflector can range between 3 m and 100 m, making the SecuriBeam BSD 535 ideally suited for monitoring large premises:

  • Warehouses and production halls
  • Covered inner courtyards
  • Reception halls
  • Department stores
  • Attic spaces (e.g. in churches)
  • Cinemas, theatres, etc.

Easy to mount and commission

The SecuriBeam is up and running in the shortest time. The knurled screws easily adjust the device to the correct orientation, with the fine-tuning made all the simpler by the visible light beam. The smoke detector is programmed either directly with its own keys or by remote control, which greatly simplifies its handling in areas that are difficult to access. Its three sensitivity levels cover practically every risk profile.

Reliable alarm transmission and simple maintenance

The high-intensity smoke detector sends its alarm signals to the local fire alarm system with lightning-fast speed. A practical feature is that the reset unit used for the SecuriBeam maintenance can be mounted up to 500 m away from the detection device. It also serves as a temporary connection point for the remote control unit.

  • SecuriBeam BSD 535
  • SecuriBeam BSD 535
  • SecuriBeam BSD 535
  • SecuriBeam BSD 535
  • SecuriBeam BSD 535

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