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Salamander Wire-Free Door Holders


Salamander Wire-Free Door Holders are a system of battery-powered, magnetic fire door holders controlled by radio signals from a central controller.

The safe, legal and cost-effective solution

Saves lives and meets meets legal requirements

  • Restriction-free movement around the building in line with the disability provision of the Equality Act 2010 – Salamander holds up to 99 fire doors in the open position.
  • Suitable for all installations – Being fail-safe, Salamander meets the most stringent protection measures needed at crucial fire exits requiring Category A protection, as defined by BS7273 Part 4. E.g. Fire doors at the top of stairwells.
  • Approved to the highest European standards – Salamander is approved to EN1155 and is CE marked under the CPD (Construction Products Directive).

Saves time and reduces costs

  • Installation time reduced by up to 90% – Innovative WIRE-FREE radio technology means quick and easy fitting with no more unsightly cables and no need for major renovation.
  • Flexibility – Salamander door holders can be relocated to different doors as building layout changes. Its large range of mounting options includes stands, chain-mounted keepers and floor-mounting brackets. Radio signal Booster units can be easily added to cover large installations.
  • Prolonged fire door life due to no wear and tear – Salamander avoids potential floor damage, door warping and false activations caused by acoustic systems.
  • Low maintenance – The innovative magnet conserves battery power, which means the system has an expected battery life of up to two years. Visible signal indicates battery and radio strength for any door holder. Low battery warning 1 month in advance.
  • Salamander Wire-Free Door Holders

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