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Portalevel MAX

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The Portalevel MAX is the 8th Generation unit we have developed, and is designed primarily as a Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator for inspecting the content of CO2, Halon, FM200™, NAF S III, FE 13, CEA 410 & Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System Cylinders.

The Portalevel MAX shares many of the benefits of the Portalevel Standard, such as Classification Society Approval, a degree of accuracy which far exceeds that of any other OEM is designed and manufactured by the world leading company in this niche field. Building on our earlier models however, the Portalevel MAX was designed to make the process of testing as quickly as possible and achieves this through a number of new features & technologies.

The unit was developed on three key principles to enhance its operation and the way the equipment interacts with the user:

1. Simplicity – With minimal training required, operators can quickly understand and operate the equipment
2. Definitive Results – Instant and definitive results are delivered to the operator through the light-up display with no doubt of obtaining levels.
3. Speed of Operation – The time required to carry out testing has been further reduced, achieving this through new controls and testing methods.

In addition to this, a variety of new features have been introduced including:

  • NEW ‘single touch’ Calibration feature for speed of use
  • A clearer, new backlit display for clear operation in dark environments
  • 4 different Power settings allows for wide variety of applications
  • Instant, definite results with the digital Bar Graph Display
  • Advanced internal technology for ease
  • New durable ergonomic metal case design fits easily into the hand
  • Works on a wide range of cylinder sizes and liquids or liquid gases

The Portalevel has been leading in the fire safety & protection sector since we first invented it in 1987 and with the 8th generation model Portalevel MAX, we are pleased to offer an enhanced means to testing and certifying fire suppression systems. Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indication uses safe and clean technology. Portalevel® MAX aims to reduce time, cost; it is a must-have tool for fire system protection, and we have the technical know-how and credentials to verify this.

  • Portalevel MAX
  • Portalevel MAX
  • Portalevel MAX

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