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Hush2 Grade C Fire Alarm Controller


The C-TEC Hush2 Grade C Fire Alarm Controller provides fully monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C compliant fire detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities in flats and apartments.

  • Puts residents in control of their own fire systems by allowing them to test and silence devices whilst standing at floor level.
  • Easily interfaced to:-
    • EN54 certified detectors & alarms – providing commercial grade fire protection in domestic dwellings.
    • Cooker shut-off relays – to turn off the gas supply in the event of a fire.
    • Sprinkler monitoring units – to flag if a sprinkler system is isolated.
    • Remote overdoor indicators – to warn people in corridors where a fire may be taking place.
    • Communal fire alarm systems – to report fires and faults to areas outside the dwelling (see Networked Hush2 Systems tab below for further details).
  • Lifts the typical level of protection from Grade D (interlinked mains-powered battery-backed alarms) to Grade C.
  • Requires a H2508/PSU & field devices.

Power requirements: External 24V PSU. Hush button features a Lithium-ion battery. For 8 devices, provides 72 hour standby, plus 30 minutes alarm period
Supply/operating voltage: 24V
Quiescent current: 5mA (TBC)
Indicators: Supply: steady for ext. PSU, flashes for battery; Fault: flashes for an open, short or faulty device; Local Alarm: steady for Fire 1 alarm; Global Alarm: flashes for Fire 2 alarm or monitored input signal; Hushed – steady when system is hushed.
Controls: 1 x TEST button & 1 x HUSH button – various functions
Product dimensions (mm): 146 W x 85 H x 21 D mm (Can be mounted on a standard UK 25mm double gang flush or surface back box).
Construction & finish: Supplied on a double gang plastic plate.
IP Rating: IP40.
Operating conditions/temperature: -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Notes: Max. length of device circuit: 100m; Max. circuit load: 100mA. More detailed technical specifications to follow.

  • C-TEC Hush2 BS5839-6 Grade C Fire Alarm Controller
  • C-TEC Hush2 BS5839-6 Grade C Fire Alarm Controller

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