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HPJ Jet Pump

Dafo Fomtec AB

The HPJ Jet pump from Fomtec is constructed for a pre-calculated water flow. It creates a high pressure drop in the feeding line, caused by the high pickup rate, which has a maximum of about 60%.

Foam is drawn through a pick-up tube from a container at atmospheric pressure. The pre-set flow of foam concentrate is continuously added to the water stream.

The HPJ Jet pump is specially designed for use with high flow nozzles. A special control valve built into the base of housing secures this outstanding performance.

A non-return valve prevents water flowing back into the foam container, once the water supply is turned off or waterflow is to low.


The HPJ Jet pumps variable in-line inductors are used to mix foam concentrate with water when the foam concentrate is supplied from a tank at atmospheric pressure. This in-line inductor is designed to proportion large amounts of concentrate.

Recommended Foam Concentrates

The inductor performs with all types of foam concentrates, including high viscosity alcohol resistant concentrates at 1% or 3% proportioning rate. 6% Proportioning is optional.


The HP inductors could be delivered with the following options:

  • Stortz, BS336, NH or other couplings
  • Different mixing ratios
  • HPJ Jet Pump

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