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Fomtec Tor P Portable Monitor

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The Fomtec Tor P Portable Monitor series is a bigger version of the Fomtec Balder portable monitor series. The Fomtec Tor P Portable Monitor is designed both for use with water and foam.

The body is cast and manufactured in anodized aluminum. The swivels and other critical parts are made of stainless steel. Tor monitor series features the innovative piping technology.

This avoids turbulence to ensure frictional pressure losses to a minimum. Tor A portable weighs 20,0 kg only.


The monitor is easy to operate. Connect two hoses to the inlets and run them in a loop around on both sides straight back thrugh the straps towards the water supply. The monitor will be stabilized by the pressurized filled hoses.

When in use the reaction force in the monitor till push the metal pins under the two legs downwards, what results in a very steady grip. The two hoses, when layed down in the explained loops, will ensure the stability during operation.


The Tor monitor is ideal where fire fighters need high flow rates, such as:

Tank farms
Loading racks
Chemical plants
Off shore
LNG/LPG storage
Petrochemical plants

Recommended Foam Concentrates

The following foam concentrates can be used in combination with Brage:

AFFF 1%, 3% or 6% *

  • Fomtec Tor P Portable Monitor

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