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Fomtec MB – 20

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Fomtec MB – 20 is a blend of high activity, synthetic, fatty alcohol sulphates, solvents and stabilisers. Fomtec MB -20 mixed with water and converted into finished foam via low, medium or high expansion foam making equipment combats fires by engulfing the area, restricting the supply of oxygen, cooling of the liquid surface, and the suppression of flammable gases evaporating from the hot liquid surface.

Used as high expansion in complete filling of enclosed rooms the foam creates an inert atmosphere. Fomtec MB-20 should be used between 2% and 6% concentration in fresh or sea water if medium or high expansion foams are required depending on equipment used.


  • Fluorine free
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • Freeze temperature -21°C
  • Excellent burnback resistance
  • Approved: low, medium, high expansion foam


Fomtec MB – 20 is a multi purpose foam which can be used at low, medium and high expansions for the extinguishment of class B hydrocarbon fires such as small fuel spills (low & medium expansion), protection of bunding areas (medium expansion), and it can also be used for the control and extinction of cryogenic flammable liquid fires or vapour release from toxic spillage.

At medium and high expansion, Fomtec MB – 20 can be used for total flooding of fires involving class A and class B materials. Medium expansion type is particularly suitable for small areas such as cellars and basements of buildings and high expansion type for large areas such as ship cargo or engine rooms. It is especially suitable for dealing with fires in inaccessible locations and where damage must be kept to a minimum.

Fire Performance & Foaming

The fire performance of this product has been measured and documented according to “International Approvals” stated in this document. The foaming properties are depending on equipment used and other variables such as water and ambient temperatures. Average expansion 9:1, average 1/4 drainage time 03:30 minutes using UNI 86 test nozzle.


Fomtec MB -20 can easily be proportioned at the correct dilution using conventional equipment such as:

  • Inline inductors
  • Balanced pressure, variable flow proportioning systems
  • Bladder tanks
  • Around the pump proportioning systems
  • Water turbine driven foam proportioners
  • Self inducting branch pipes and nozzles
  • High expansion foam generators

The equipment should be designed to the foam type.

  • Fomtec MB - 20

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