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Fomtec AFFF 3% S

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Fomtec AFFF 3% S is an aqueous film forming foam concentrate (AFFF) consisting of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon surfactants blended with various solvents, preservatives and stabilisers.

The foam forms an aqueous film that rapidly cuts off the oxygen supply and knocks down the fire. The expanded foam, from which the film is drained, forms a stable blanket that suppresses the release of flammable vapours and cools down the fuel surface extinguishing the fire and preventing reignition.

The low surface tension of the water-foam solution enables the aqueous film, although heavier than the burning liquid, to float on top of the liquid surface.

Fomtec AFFF 3% S should be used at 3% proportioned solution (3 part concentrate in 97 parts of water) in brackish, fresh or sea water. It may also be stored as a premix solution in fresh water.


Fomtec AFFF 3% S is intended for use on class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, diesel and aviation fuels. It can be used with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices.
Fomtec AFFF 3% S is especially suited whenever rapid fire knock-down is essential. It is compatible with all dry chemical powders and can be used in powder/foam twin agent systems.

Fire Performance & Foaming

The fire performance of this product has been measured and documented according to “International Approvals” stated in this document. The foaming properties are depending on equipment used and other variables such as water and ambient temperatures. Average expansion 8:1, average ¼ drainage time 03:00 minutes using UNI 86 test nozzle.


Fomtec AFFF 3% S can easily be proportioned at the correct dilution using conventional equipment such as:

  •     Inline inductors
  •     Balanced pressure, variable flow proportioning systems
  •     Bladder tanks
  •     Around the pump proportioning systems
  •     Water turbine driven foam proportioners
  •     Self inducting branch pipes and nozzles

The equipment should be designed to the foam type.

Sprinkler Application

Fomtec AFFF 3% S has been tested according to the Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 162 using standard sprinkler heads K 80 and K115. Sprinkler applications are especially challenging for any foam due to the very low operating pressure and the very low expansion reached.  Applying foam through a sprinkler head is a very forceful application method and requires foam that can handle direct application and partial submersion into the fuel without losing its fire performance and burnback resistance. Foams that shall be regarded as suitable for Sprinkler applications shall also be able to withstand limited time of water deluge directly onto the foam blanket without losing its burnback properties. Fomtec AFFF 3% S has passed these tests showing very good extinguishing and burnback properties.

The Fomtec AFFF 3% S is ideal for all High risk applications where any type of discharge outlet may be in use such as:

  •     Petrochemical and chemical plants
  •     Offshore installations
  •     Oil tankers
  •     Tank Farms
  •     Warehouse

Storage / Shelf life

Stored in original unbroken packaging the product will have a long shelf life. Shelf life in excess of 10 years will be found in temperate climates. As with all foams, shelf life will be dependent on storage temperatures and conditions. If the product is frozen during storage or transport, thawing will render the product completely usable.
Synthetic foam concentrates should only be stored in stainless steel or plastic containers. Since electrochemical corrosion can occur at joints between different metals when they are in contact with foam concentrate, only one type of metal should be used for pipelines, fittings, pumps, and tanks employed in the storage of foam concentrates. We recommend following our guidelines for storage and handling ensuring favourable storage conditions.


Fomtec AFFF 3% S is formulated using specially selected raw materials, selected for their fire performance and their environmental profile. Fomtec AFFF 3% S is biodegradable. The handling of spill of concentrate or foam solutions shall how ever be made according to local regulations. Normally sewage systems will have no problem with a 3% foam solution based on Fomtec AFFF 3% S, but local sewage operators should be consulted in this respect. This product contains NO PFOS or PFOA.

  • Fomtec AFFF 3% S

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