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Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors

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The DFI Series of Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors form an integral part of Delta Fire’s fixed foam equipment range and are designed to accurately proportion foam concentrate into a pressurised water supply.

Whilst the DFI range of Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors can be used as a portable inductors, more commonly they form part of a fixed foam equipment installation and provide an economical means of foam proportioning for systems requiring a fixed flow rate.

The range comprises seven basic models with flow rates from 50 to 14,000 litres a minute to suit the requirements of the client. Each inductor is factory calibrated to match the systems flow and pressure requirements. The proportioning rate can be accurately set from 1% to 6% as requested.

Up to 65% of the inlet pressure is available to supply the downstream foam discharge devices and overcome pressure loss. The operating pressure range of the DFI Series of Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors is 3½ bar to 16 bar.

Delta In-Line Inductors are available in stainless steel and epoxy powder coated carbon steel bodies with corrosion resistant internal components providing superior durability in harsh climate environments, particularly suited to marine users.

Models DFI-40 to DFI-50 are supplied with BSP male threads as standard but optional NPT screwed ends or flanged connections are available. PN16 flanges are an alternative option for models DFI-65 to DFI-200.

Delta Fire’s range of fixed foam equipment is manufactured under an ISO9001 Quality System to exacting standards. Delta’s fixed foam equipment range is widely known for its durability and performance and has a reputation in the industry based on reliability in operational situations.

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Model DFI-40 DFI-50 DFI-65 DFI-80 DFI-100 DFI-150 DFI-200
Dimension A 175 310 360 465 532 690 900
Dimension B 50 72 76 80 90 102 150
Dimension C 65 65 80 105 125 145 190
Foam Inlet 1” BSP Male 1” BSP Male 1 ¼” BSP Male 1 ¼ ” BSP Male 1 ½” BSP Male 2” BSP Male 2” BSP Male
Inlet / Outlet 11/2” BSP Male 2” BSP Male 2 ½” ASA RF Flange 3” ASA      RF Flange 4” ASA RF Flange 6” ASARF Flange 8” ASARF Flange
Flow Range L/Min @ 10bar 50 To 400 150 To 600 300 To 1400 600 To 2000 1000 To 4000 2000 To 8000 4000 To 14000
  • Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors

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