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FF502P Universal 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender


C-TEC manufacture a range of durable, reliable and cost-effective fire alarm ancillaries, including the FF502P Universal 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender.

Supplied on a double gang plate and compatible with most fire alarm control panels, the FF502P provides four extra sounder circuits with open and short circuit fault monitoring, two external trigger inputs and one fault output trigger. Connection to C-TEC manufactured panels requires just 3 wires: 24V d.c., 0V & Sounder +Ve. The four sounder circuits may be configured as two pairs.

Each pair can be triggered separately if required by switching one of two inputs to 0V.  This can be useful for (a) separate ‘zonal’ fire outputs; (b) use as a monitored relay circuit to interface with a remote communicator or plant shutdown equipment, or (c) ‘class change’ facilities.  A low current ‘pull down’ fault output trigger is also provided for driving external indicators or switching a relay via a transistor.

  • FF502P Universal 4 Zone Sounder Circuit Extender

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