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Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD 91dB Sounder


The Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD 91dB Sounder from C-TEC provides ‘W-3-3.1’ light distribution when wall mounted (min. 0.4 lux over a 3 x 3.1m cuboid area).

Technical Specifications of the Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD 91dB Sounder:

  • Certification to EN54-3 (Sounders), EN54-23 (VADs) and 17 (Isolators) by the LPCB pending
  • Can also provide ‘C-3-8’ light distribution when ceiling mounted (min 0.4 lux over a 3 x 8m cylindrical area)
  • Impressive 91dB(A) sound output @ 1m
  • Onboard short-circuit loop isolator
  • 550µA quiescent current
  • 14mA alarm current @40V DC (VAD lit, sounder on max)
  • Group addressing facility allows multiple devices to be operated simultaneously
  • 7 selectable volume levels and up to 15 selectable tone pairs
  • IP21C rated

‘CAST’ is the world’s most-advanced ‘distributed intelligence’ fire alarm system protocol. Conceived, designed and realised by C-TEC as part of a five-year, multi-million pound project, it involved the creation of a powerful proprietary communication protocol (C-TEC Addressable System Technology, CAST) and multiple control panels & field devices. Now available to purchase, its key features include:

  • 255 devices per loop
  • Autonomous decision-making for faster response times
  • Multiple type codes
  • 40V loop drive voltage
  • Two ‘soft’ addressing options – automatic via the panel or manual via a powerful handheld programmer
  • Powerful multi-level addressing facilitates easy device addition and swapped device identification
  • Multiple functionality at a single address (integrated devices) – due 2017
  • Volumes, tones & detector modes can be changed at compatible panels
  • High-speed data transmission and robust data transfer
  • Intrinsically EN54-13 compliant
  • Provides geographical location of short and open circuit faults (a short circuit isolator is included as standard in every CAST field device)
  • Replace device function
  • Future seamless integration with other CAST life safety systems reducing energy, servicing, installation and repair costs
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD 91dB Sounder
  • Compact W-3-3.1 Wall VAD 91dB Sounder

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