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BUSShield – State-of-the-art fire protection for the millions who use public transportation every day

Bus fires pose an exceptionally catastrophic threat of injury, death and loss of property. There are numerous reasons why a fire could erupt in a bus — from arson to extreme heat buildup, vehicle vibration, fuel/hydraulic fluid leakage, electrical short circuit, material fatigue, or improper maintenance. Bus fire events often originate in either the engine or battery compartments, both of which are usually out of the driver’s line-of-sight. The longer the time that elapses between a fire breaking out and its detection, the greater the risk of disastrous results.

BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable bus fire protection system comprised of:

1. Engine Compartment Protection Module:

The unique and rugged DELTA Rate-of-Rise pneumatic-electronic linear fire/overheat detector, which responds with high accuracy and sensitivity to temperature rises that exceed a predetermined rate, irrespective of the starting temperature.

Suppression agent & nozzles

2. Battery Compartment Protection Module:

Fire detector

Suppression agent & nozzles

3. Command & Control Unit:

Mounted on the dashboard, the command & control’s indicators automatically warn the driver in real-time of a detected fire threat or event in the engine compartment.

The key benefits of BUSShield are:

Super-fast detection: The DELTA detects out-of-range temperature fluctuations in less than 1 second, minimizing the risk of damage and injuries

Real-time driver alerts: The system immediately alerts the driver to a threat or an event long before it is in his/her line-of-sight

Efficient extinguishing action: Utilizes dry powder to suppress all classes of fires and prevent re-ignition. The extinguishing system can be activated manually in the rare case of a failure in the automatic activation system.

Easy installation: The DELTA’s unique, flexible stainless steel linear sensor tubing can be easily routed to monitor long distances or confined spaces.

Low maintenance: The DELTA’s Built-in-Test capability virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance, alerting automatically to degraded performance.

Reliable: Low risk of false alarms.

Robust: High tolerance to harsh conditions such as grime, dirt, dust, etc.

Documentation: Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in the DELTA’s non-volatile memory and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.

Quality you can trust

The BUSShield is Approved to the Israeli new standard, and ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance certified.

For detailed BUSShield specifications, click here.

  • BUSShield
  • BUSShield

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