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BIOex ECOPOL – Multi-risk, fluorine free ecological foam concentrate effective on all types of fire – High Expansion foam


BIOex ECOPOL is the first fluorine free  fire fighting foam concentrate in the world!

This ecological foam concentrate formulated using a 100% natural surfactant base can be used to put out all types of class A and B fires. Designed in 2002 thanks to major research and development work, its multi-application versatility does not prevent the high effectiveness of its extinguishing capability.

BIOex ECOPOL, a versatile, synthetic AR foam concentrate completely fluorine derivative free, effectively replaces the use of AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrates which are harmful to the environment by combining THE RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT WITH HIGH PERFORMANCES ON ALL TYPES OF CLASS A AND B FIRES.

BIOex ECOPOL has diverse extinguishing properties which make it a reference on the market because of its Alcohol Resistant specificity and its foaming and wetting properties.

Effective on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires!

The versatile AR (Alcohol Resistant) property consists in generating a protective gel film at the surface of all types of inflammable polar liquids.

The effectiveness of BIOex ECOPOL on a hydrocarbon fire can be compared to an AFFF foam concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam): the application of the fire fighting foam must be gentle, i.e. applied indirectly to the burning product using a vertical adjacent surface to let it run onto the surface of the burning product. This type of application corresponds to most live fire fighting interventions. An application using Medium expansion is also possible to spread the foam evenly and without contamination.

This fluorine free film, specific to the ECOPOL foam concentrate, also provides an exceptional resistance to re-ignition.

Applicable on toxic vapour!

The mechanically insulating property of the foam generated using ECOPOL is especially effective, and can also be used to contain the toxic vapours of certain solvents that react to water.

High foaming capability!

The adhesive nature of the foam generated makes it possible for it to adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended period. ECOPOL can be applied as a protective fire barrier. This adhesive fire-fighting foam can be used to durably cool vertical structures, such as plane fuselages. The application of a wide strip of ECOPOL during a forest fire for example, makes the vegetation fire proof and stops the progression of the fire.

ECOPOL also generates an exceptional High expansion foam. It is therefore recommended to drown large volumes, such as hangars, warehouses, ship’s holds, car parks, etc.

Effective on class A fires!

Its affinity for solid supports, combined with its high wetting capability gives ECOPOL high extinguishing performances on all class A fires.


The ECOPOL foam concentrate is formulated using a natural and renewable resource: copra fatty acids (coconut) 100% NATURAL origin.

Depending on the capacity of your sewage treatment station and your waste contract, ECOPOL foam can be eliminated without using incineration.

ECOPOL is classified easily biodegradable. It deteriorates quickly without any PBT residues (Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins).

ECOPOL is also compliant with the European ground water directive: it contains  no halogen derivatives.
The ECOPOL ecological foam concentrate is the alternative to combine the respect of the environment with high extinguishing properties on all types of fire.

In 2002, convinced of the harmfulness of all fluorine derivatives, BIOex was already committed to protect our environment and launched ECOPOL, THE first fluorine free foam concentrate!

It has been tested and approved by our customers all over the world.

ECOPOL, a versatile AR foam concentrate, has the advantage of being totally fluorine derivative free. Opposed to AFFF foam concentrates that contain fluorine compound surfactants (PFT) and perfluorinated compounds (PFC) that cause significant contamination of the natural environment on a global scale, creating the current preoccupying levels of concentration.

In fact, fluorine compounds have been recognised by several specialists to be potentially Persistent in the environment, Bioaccumulative and Toxic for living organisms.

The use of the ECOPOL ecological foam concentrate is the alternative to combine the respect of the environment with high extinguishing properties on all types of fire.


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Since 1998, BIOex has been designing, producing and selling foam concentrates used for fire fighting of all types, and more especially New Generation ecological foam concentrates.

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