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BIOex BIO FOR – Fluorine free wetting and foaming agent effective on solid fires

100% of the BIOex BIO FOR formula is easily biodegradable.

It is the ecological solution to putting out solid fires (class A) thanks to its wetting and foaming properties. BIO FOR line additives provide optimum effectiveness when putting out solid fires: forest fires, urban fires, industrial fires, etc.

  • Wetting properties: Thanks to its affinity for solids, BIO FOR wetting and foaming agent penetrates embers deeply and puts them out. This specificity increases the extinguishing properties of the BIO FOR additive and prevents the fire from restarting.
  • Foaming properties: BIO FOR can be applied as a protective fire barrier. Indeed, the adhesive nature of this fire-fighting foam makes it possible for it to adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended period.

The application of a wide strip of BIO FOR during a forest fire for example, makes the vegetation fire proof and stops the progression of the fire.

BIO FOR additives are also effective on hydrocarbon fires such as burning vehicles.


BIO FOR foam is the ecological solution to solid fires (Class A), because it contains  no fluorine derivatives or PBTs(Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins).

It is easy to dispose of BIO FOR because it is biodegradable.

BIO FOR is also compliant with the European ground water directive: it contains  no halogen derivatives.

Over 90% of fire service interventions are for this type of fire. Fire brigades therefore have a direct interest in its ecological and biodegradable properties.


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Since 1998, BIOex has been designing, producing and selling foam concentrates used for fire fighting of all types, and more especially New Generation ecological foam concentrates.

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