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ActiV Optical Smoke Detector


Manufactured in the UK by C-TEC, our ActiV Optical Smoke Detector C4416 optical smoke detector offers outstanding detection performance at a very competitive price.

Suitable for use with virtually all known conventional fire panels including our own CFP, FP, MFP and EP203 ranges, it is third-party certified to EN54-7 by Intertek and also carries the pan-European ‘CertAlarm’ System 5 mark

The ActiV Optical Smoke Detector C4416 has a wide 6-33V DC operating voltage, includes dual LED alarm indicating strips and is fully compatible with our C4408 range of ActiV diode and non-diode bases.

C4416 Key features:

  • Third-party certified to EN54-7 by leading notified approval body Intertek
  • Carries the prestigious ‘CertAlarm’ System 5 mark
  • Outstanding detection performance and durability
  • Wide 6-33V DC operating voltage
  • Two 8mm x 2mm ultra-bright red LED indicating strips offering unrivalled 360º visibility
  • IP42 rated
  • Suitable for use with virtually all known conventional fire alarm panels and many 12V security systems
  • Sophisticated onboard detection algorithms help reduce false alarms by rejecting momentary abnormal readings
  • Low current draw – just 30µA quiescent at 24V
  • Drift compensation functionality ensures detector sensitivity is automatically calibrated to suit prevailing conditions and/or increased contamination levels
  • Compatible with our ActiV C4408D diode base or C4408 non-diode base (all bases include an integrated detector/base locking mechanism and ID tag)
  • Simple ‘click and twist’ design and easy-fit base reduces installation time and inspection costs
  • Manufactured at C-TEC’s Intertek, LPCB, VdS and BSI inspected headquarters in the north west of England
  • Class A1R rate of rise, class A2 fixed heat, class B fixed heat and multi-sensor variants also available
  • Excellent discounts for quantity orders

C4416 Application / Operation:

The C4416 Optical Smoke Detector uses an infrared light source and a photodiode to detect smoke. In the absence of smoke, light passes in front of the photodiode in a straight line. When smoke enters the optical chamber across the path of the infrared beam, light is scattered by particles of smoke in all directions, some of which falls on the photodiode thus triggering the alarm. Optical detectors are typically used in escape routes, living areas, bedrooms and enclosed spaces to give an early indication of fire. They are particularly effective at detecting slow burning fires (such as those caused by overheated electrical wiring or smouldering materials) which tend to generate larger particles of visible smoke.

  • ActiV Optical Smoke Detector

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