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6500 Series Beam Detectors

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The 6500 Series Beam Detectors are addressable reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detectors, designed to operate as a component of an intelligent fire alarm system. They operate primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an infra-red beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are particularly appropriate for protecting buildings with large open spaces such as warehouses, atriums, etc.

Alignment of the detector is simplified with the aid of the detector’s “gunsight” targeting device. Alignment of the detector with the reflector can then be “fine tuned” with the aid of a numerical signal strength indicator. The sensitivity of the detector can be set to between 25% and 50% obscuration, providing application flexibility to suit the environment in which the detector will be installed. In addition to the four fixed value alarm thresholds, there are two variable thresholds that automatically compensate for changes in the environment which could otherwise result in unwanted alarms while remaining within a known sensitivity range.

The 6500 Series Beam Detectors incorporates automatic drift compensation, whereby the detector will adjust its detection thresholds in line with any long term signal reduction of the beam caused by contamination of the optical surface. The detector can be adjusted up to 10° vertically and horizontally for alignment. Where greater angular adjustment is required, the multi-mount accessory enables the detector to move through 28° vertically and 360° horizontally when ceiling mounted, or up to 23° vertically and 90° horizontally when wall mounted.

All System Sensor products are covered by our extended 3 year warranty.

  • 6500 Series Beam Detectors

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