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Tecdron Robotic Systems Group

  • ZI of the Four Knights, Rue Paul Vatine - Bât 12F, Perigny, 17180, France


Tecdron Robotic Systems group, designs, produces and markets mobile land platforms for its customers, and also markets its own robots.

The group has several sites in France and Romania where it is divided into a design office and a robot production and assembly factory.

The Tecdron group offers modular platforms from 50 to 500 kg, for the realization of all types of robotic projects ranging from R & D to industrial series.

Tecdron also brings associated services that provide a complete solution for your robotic project :

  • design
  • manufacturing
  • assembly
  • maintenance
  • training

Thanks to its various entities, the Tecdron group is equipped to answer a wide range of needs in mobile robotics. Our solutions, based on medium-sized platforms, with significant outdoor capabilities, integrate all services to support you throughout the life of your projects.


Quator is a rapid response tele-operated robot.
Its designed for surveillance, inspection, research, programs development.
Its powerful engine allows more than 15 mph.
Weight, less than 50 Kg, gives agility and flexibility.
Fully waterproof IP67, this robot is the ideal platform to implement your studies and research programs components.
Very easy to drive, its alloy aircraft design gives it unparalleled durability.

The Scarab TX 2016 is a teleoperated intervention and technical assistance robot: it is versatile and fully configurable to receive accessories: water cannon, smoke extraction fan, stretcher, handling arm, electric winch, Buffalo, trailer hitch, gas sensor, thermal camera.

The track blocks are articulated to adapt easily to the terrain on which they are moving.
This allows the robot to clear obstacles quickly and maintain good stability.

It is very easy to fly and its design in aeronautical alloy gives it an incomparable robustness.
Tecdron has developed new transmission units equipped with 1500W motors (Tecdron-specific development) and electromagnetic brakes.

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