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Safety Buyer UK Limited – About us (it’s more about you really)

If by now you’re already a SafetyBuyer customer, you’ll have some experiences in the memory bank to decide for yourself what you think about us. And, if we’ve reached the standards we set ourselves there’s a good chance you’ll tell someone about it. We hope so.

We simply call it ‘the tpr effect’ and treating people right takes centre stage with us

With your feedback Safety Buyer are able to put some numbers against our core service values, which helps us to illustrate what treating people right means to us and you. Check out our recent survey results to find out more.

Ultimately, Safety Buyer still believe the best way to suss us out is to put us to the test, but don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to order from us just yet – please read on to discover what makes us jump out of bed in the morning and why the final say will always be yours.

It doesn’t matter what size your business or organisation, safety and value-for-money will always be on your list of priorities – and this is where we aim to help you.

There’s lots of passion and a reasonable amount of brain power fizzing around inside SafetyBuyer, but there’s no point pretending it’s like working at NASA. However, we would like you to understand what makes us a little bit different…

… so here’s our brass tacks proposition:

We have decades of product knowledge and supply chain expertise, which means we can offer you thousands of competitive workplace safety solutions – but you get to be the judge of this.

We take extra care to display and explain our products to help you make better informed purchasing decisions – you can decide this.

We’re serious about providing the best website for our customers to securely manage their accounts online without intervention – it’s up to you – but we still enjoy talking to people and there’s a freephone number to use!

We’ve decided not to produce big catalogues in print (and send them to you, even when you’ve already got one) you’d be paying for this in our prices – so use the web for a better deal.

We focus on clear and competitive pricing. Free gifts and marketing gimmicks get in the way and you pay for them anyway – so let’s not go down this route
We’ve got some clever technology and enthusiastic humans to give you a hassle-free experience and to put things right now and then – you guessed it, you decide on this too.

“We work hard at being easy people to do business with, so please shop with us and shop with confidence.”

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