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Mueller Co International Holdings LLC has the most extensive UL Listed/FM Approved product range in the World. Hydrants are UL246 listed, FM1510 approved, and AWWA C502 compliant. Resilient Wedge Gate Valves are UL262 Listed, FM1120/1130 Approved, AWWA C509 Compliant and NSF 61 Listed. All Mueller products are manufactured in Mueller facilities in the United States, all of which are ISO 9000 approved.

Resilient wedge gate valves to 48”/DN1200
Butterfly valves to 48”/DN1200
Check Valves – Bronze and Cast Iron
Fire hydrants – Dry Barrel, Post and Flush styles – the most widely sold hydrants in North America
Fire Hydrants – Wet Barrel Post style, including unique break indicator system
Fire Hydrant Security – to fit any budget or need, including 24/7 infiltration prevention

Mueller has tens of thousands of items to suit the needs of virtually any Water, Fire system or Gas application, for use with any main or service pipe material. Mueller UL/FM Products are available through Authorised Stocking Distributors around the World through qualified Distributors & Representatives.

The basis for the Company’s success and acceptance as a leader since its founding in 1857 can be summarised in a single word: Integrity. Mueller strives to approach its markets with quality products, in an open and forthright manner. We employ competent, professional people, capable of fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers. We endeavour to develop and sell products which deliver more value than similar products available through other sources. Our goal is to foster relationships with our customers that will bring them back to Mueller time and time again. Only by contributing measurably to our customers’ success will Mueller itself continue to be successful.

Mueller Co International Holdings LLC Products

Fire Hydrants

Mueller’s Fire Hydrants are virtually limitless on range.  We offer an extensive range of connectors, bury depths, colours and other options.  Mueller can offer you almost unlimited variation.  The Hydrants meet and exceed all applicable part of AWWA C502, UL246 and FM1510 with a pressure rating of 250psig (17.25 Bar).    Mueller’s Wet Barrel Hydrants are rated up to 250psig (17barg), they meet and exceed ANSI/AWWA C503.  Super Centurion 350 and Wet Barrel Hydrants with 350psig (24barg) pressure rating also available.

Super Centurion Monitor Hydrant

Mueller’s range of Monitor Hydrants have a pressure rating of 250psig (17.25 Bar) and meet or exceed all applicable parts of AWWA C502, UL246 and FM1510.  The Monitor Outlet has a 4” ANSI B16.1 Class 125 Flange Outlet.  Monitor Hydrants are available with the same range of options as the Super Centurion.

Gate Valves

Mueller offer Gate valves that are available in a wide range of sizes. Mueller Valves in sizes 4” to 12” have a pressure rating of 350psig (24barg) as standard, 14” and 16” are 250psig (17barg) as standard and 18” – 24” 175psig (12barg).  Size Ranges: PIV 4” to 24”, OS&Y 2” to 24”, NRS 2” to 24”.  All products are UL Listed (2” to 24”) and FM Approved (2” to 16”).  Mueller also offer Valves for Industrial Fire Protection applications sizes 4-12” with a pressure rating of 350psig (24barg), UL Listed and FM approved, 14” & 16” 250psig (17barg), 18”-24” 175psig (12barg), UL listed 14”-24”, FM approved 14” & 16”.

Indicator Posts

Indicator Posts benefit from easy to see targets whether the valve is open or closed.  They are designed to withstand up to 900 ft.-lbs (1220Nm) of operating torque. They are UL listed (4” to 24”) and FM approved (4” to 16”).

Check Valves

A range of Gravity Check Valves offered in sizes 2½” to 12” with a pressure rating of 200psig (13.80 Bar), available with ANSI B16.1 Class 125 or PN10/PN16 Flange Drilling.


The Pratt® Post Indicator Valve Assembly (PIVA) is a manually operated, buried Butterfly Valve with a high visibility target.  The PIVA includes a Torque Spring feature, if the Valve Indicator is damaged, the Torque Spring maintains the Valve in an open position.  Available in sizes 3”/DN80 to 24”/DN600, UL listed to 250psig (17barg).


The Pratt® Indicating Butterfly Valve (IBV) is a manually operated rubber seat Butterfly Valve with a high visibility target.  The IBV is designed for indoor or vault/chamber service in Fire Protection Systems.  Available in sizes 3”/DN80 to 24”/DN600, UL listed 250psig (17barg).


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