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The International Water Mist Association is the first association of its kind dedicated exclusively to water mist fire-fighting and related technology. The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) was founded on April 4, 1998, and began maintaining a permanent office at the beginning of 2000. From the IWMA’s international headquarters in Hamburg, it will support the continued development research and applications engineering of generic water mist systems.

The Intention

The last ten years have seen water mist fire suppression systems attract significant interest from fire professional and the media. Why?

After all the concept of using water mist to extinguish fires is not new, it has been well documented since the 1930’s. Hitherto, its use has been far from wide spread.

But with the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and the ongoing, global phase out of Halon, fire protection professionals strive to identify innovative ways of suppressing fire. The use of water mist has been acknowledged as an efficient alternative to Halon.

A significant amount of research has taken place and this has resulted in the commercial availability of various water mist systems. Those involved have often worked in comparative isolation in locations throughout the world.

The Intention of the International Water Mist Association is to provide a forum for experts, manufacturers, users and fire professionals active in the field of water mist fire suppression.

Water Mist Fire Suppression

” …is any other fire fighting agent as environmentally acceptable as the agent that helps to support life itself. ”

The Water Mist Fire Suppression Process

Cooling Effect
The small droplets created by water mist systems, increase surface area to maximize the efficient absorption of heat.

Oxygen Displacement
The small droplets evaporate rapidly and expand to displace oxygen in the proximity of the fire.

Radiant Heat Attenuation
The small droplets provide effective protection from radiant heat.

The Environmental Advantages

Water mist systems consume notably less water than traditional sprinkler systems minimizing consequential water damage.

Water mist systems do not contribute to Ozone Depletion or Global Warming.

Water mist systems do not produce toxic by-products when applied to a fire and do not require complex decommissioning procedures.

The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) – The logical conclusion

The main purpose is to promote research, development and the use of Water Mist fire suppression systems world wide. IWMA will enhance the recognition and acceptance of this beneficial fire fighting method throughout the fire and safety industry, potential users and authorities. This will be achieved by a variety of activities including the establishing and coordination of working groups and the organizing of international seminars. Through this IWMA will enhance the building of the necessary basis for a much wider use of the technology. An important element of the work of IWMA is the scientific council which focuses on scientific research and which creates synergies by bringing independent international research activities together.

The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) arose from the necessity to establish an international platform for companies, scientists and interested people dealing with Water Mist. For potential users of Water Mist systems IWMA is an independent body which can be addressed for questions related to the technology like e.g. the suitability of Water Mist for certain applications, the limits of such systems, minimum requirements, suitability of test protocols, contacts to insurance companies promoting the technology, understanding and interpretation of guidelines, suitability of test institutes. This will help to give potential users the necessary background for the installation of Water Mist systems.

Governments and other authorities as well as insurance companies have in IWMA an independent body providing such information or assistance. That also includes the involvement in international standardization projects. The above requires the expertise within IWMA which is ensured by the participation of well respected experts in IWMA’s work.

A Logo ” Certified Member” is used as a quality seal which companies are only allowed to show on their brochures and stationary after having passed a regular check by the Board of the association. This gives users of the technology as well as test institutes the possibility to easily distinguish companies having the necessary expertise from those offering systems and services with no sufficient technical background.

The IWMA does not intend to replace existing approval institutions or the work of test institutes. To the contrary IWMA intends to have such as part of IWMA and to assist those in their work.

Working groups – which can be occupied by appropriate staff of member corporations – are established to work on literature regarding water mist, guidelines, research, testing methods and more.

The ultimate aim is to advance this innovative and effective form of fire fighting. You will add to IWMA like you will participate in the results obtained, an we will achieve the final breakthrough of this technology.

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