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Innohome is a Finnish based manufacturer of innovative fire prevention products. Currently Innohome is looking for a International distribution partners for our revolutionary fire prevention products.

Innohome cooker safety devices identify hazardous situations and act before the formation of toxic gases and the ignition of the fire.

Our Stove Alarm and Stove Guard protect the area at home most at risk of a fire – the kitchen. They also support independent living when cooker use becomes high-risk due to advanced age, illness, or learning difficulties.

The Innohome fire safety system is a leading-edge Finnish innovation offering unique fire safety technology. These intelligent and intuitive devices never interrupt normal cooking. Instead, they adjust their sensitivity based on the users’ cooking styles, immediately recognizing potential hazards.

As the kitchen and the cooker are vitally important to home fire safety, Innohome’s first product family is concentrating on cooker fires. However, our patented Smart Guard Technology can be used with virtually all household appliances. The central insight in the technology is the immediate identication and response to any abnormal phenomena.

Founded in Finland in 2005, Innohome develops leading-edge, intelligent safety devices for the home. Our Stove Guard and Stove Alarm are suitable for all cooker types, including electric, gas and dual-fuel cookers, in all countries.

With over 50,000 installations to date, and 90% of our products currently being exported – including to the UK – Innohome has rapidly become the market leader in northern countries. Our success is based on our unique technology, operational excellence, user-friendliness and simple installation. Working closely with fire offcials and other safety sector specialists, Innhome is part of the EU cooker safety working group.

We believe a safe home provides peace of mind and ’more space for life’. Why not take a look at our products and nd out more about improving safety at home.

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