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About Fireward

One of the most important things in your business and operations is site safety; not only is this key for your staff and the public, but it’s vital because of how valuable your machinery, vehicles and premises are to you. At Fireward we understand how devastating a fire can be, because without adequate protection it can take a matter of minutes to bring a company to its knees.

That’s why we’re dedicated to designing and installing only the best fire suppression systems, detecting fires immediately and extinguishing them before they can start to cause damage. We offer a whole range of systems for every sector and application, meaning you can protect everything from cranes and server racks, to trains and entire airport hangars.

Fire suppression technology continually develops and we’re at the cutting edge of the industry, with more and more insurance companies demanding your business has fire suppression installed before granting coverage, there has never been a better time to protect your assets.

Whether single installations or multiple, large-scale projects, our expert team of engineers are on hand to tackle any challenge. We’ll tailor systems to your requirements for easy installation and to help you avoid the impact of a disastrous fire.

As a business operating in any industry, fire can be devastating – causing damage to your site and machinery, and putting staff at risk. With automatic fire suppression systems from Fireward, you no longer need to fear downtime or the destruction of your operations.

Our expert technicians fit a whole range of automatic fire suppression systems, each one tailored to the individual application and sector. From mobile plant fire suppression and static plant fire suppression, to vehicle fire suppression, wherever you are in the UK we can help you protect your assets.

Contact our professional team today to discuss your automatic fire suppression system requirements, or to learn more about how our automatic systems can benefit you.

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