Fixed Extinguisher Testing

Fixed Fire Extinguisher Testing equipment is used to test whether a fixed fire extinguisher is correctly working and the level of the fire extinguishant inside the extinguisher. Extinguisher testing includes water, foam, powder, gases and CO2 extinguishers.

Portalevel MAX pic

Portalevel MAX


The Portalevel MAX is the 8th Generation unit we have developed, and is designed primarily as a Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator for inspe...

PLI Digital unit

PLI Digital Portable Liquid Level Gauge

Class Instrumentation Ltd

With all the features of the original PLI , the PLI Digital has the ability to take a reading from cylinders in poor condition, or suffering from a ...

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THE ULTIMATE PORTABLE CO2 - HALON - FM-200® LIQUID LEVEL INDICATORS As a professional fire engineer you will be conversant with the problems of serv...

pli only

PLI Plus Portable Liquid Level Gauge

Class Instrumentation Ltd

The PLI Plus portable liquid level gauge from Class Instrumentation is designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid and reliable method of determining...

Permalevel Single Point

Permalevel® Single Point


The Permalevel Single Point achieves this monitoring through a fixed sensor, attched to the side of the cylinder which sends signals back to a Local C...

Permalevel Multiplex

Permalevel® Multiplex


Permalevel® Mutiplex the 24/7 fixed continuous monitoring system. The Permalevel Multiplex achieves this monitoring through a fixed sensor, aƩache...




PORTALEVEL™ MINI a new design based on our Portamarine™ unit. Designed for users testing CO2, FM-200™ and NOVEC™1230,  PORTALEVEL™ MINI fea...