Testing & Approvals

Fire Testing and Fire Approvals

Testing and approvals for fire safety products are two ways in which customers can be assured of a product's reliability over its life-cycle. Customers can demand products which fall under these categories from suppliers and manufacturers, and any reputable company should assist them in finding exactly what they are looking for. Fire approval ratings and test certificates are displayed clearly on products and in catalogues.

Third-party approval is independent confirmation that products and services have met – and will continue to meet – appropriate standards. Backing up performance claims for fire and security products and services with third-party approval guarantees integrity and removes the risk of customers being misled. Third-party approval is crucial in an industry where lives depend on unabated reliability of the products.

Fire testing determines whether fire protection products meet the minimum performance criteria as set out in a building code or other law. Both active fire protection and passive fire protection products are fire tested. Each have different test methods and scales. A fire test must consider all applicable provisions of the intended product certification. Fixed Fire Extinguisher Testing equipment is used to test whether a fixed fire extinguisher is correctly working and the level of the fire extinguishant inside the extinguisher. Extinguisher testing includes water, foam, powder, gases and CO2 extinguishers.