Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains are deployed to control the movement of smoke in a building during a fire. Toxic fumes from smoke are, to trapped victims, the deadliest product of building fires. Smoke also blinds evacuees' path to an escsape route. Smoke curtains are life saving in that they keep the non-burning parts of the building accessible and protect vital escape routes, but also allow more time before a burning building becomes toxic.

Vertical Smoke Curtains Image2

Vertical Smoke Curtains

Coopers Fire

SmokeStop™ is an active (automatic) smoke curtain barrier that controls the movement of smoke in a building during a fire. It comprises of a technol...

Evacu8 Smoke Curtains Image

Evacu8® Smoke Curtains

Coopers Fire

SmokeStop evacU8® is a unique patented bi-roller system which has narrow interweaving / overlapped panels which are only 600mm wide. Each panel overl...

Horizontal Smoke Curtains Image

Horizontal Smoke Curtains

Coopers Fire

SmokeStop® NVS™ Horizontal smoke curtain is an active (automatic) smoke curtain that acts as a separating element in the horizontal plane. It compr...

D100 Smoke Draft Curtain Image

D100 Smoke & Draft Curtain

Coopers Fire

The first flexible, retractable Deployable Smoke & Draft Curtain. • Approved to span unlimited widths, heights up to 9m (29ft)• Manufactured f...

Fireguard Smoke Curtain SC120 Image

Fireguard Smoke Curtain SC120


Smoke & Fire Curtain with fire integrity for up to 2 hours. The system can be used with out guide rails; allowing over lapping to provide means of...