Fire Sealant

Fire Resistant Sealants & Intumescent Sealant

Fire sealant also known as intumescent fire sealant is used to seal openings and joints in fire resistance rated structures including walls and floors. Intumescent fire sealants include adhesives, fire cements and sealants that provide fire retardant and or heat resistant properties.

Intumex AN

Intumex® AN


Intumex® AN is a fire stopping sealant for joints in walls and floors. It is designed for use with joints without movement to seal against the spread...

Intumex AS

Intumex AS


Intumex AS is an acrylic based, single component fire stopping sealant. It forms a flexible seal once dry, is very suitable for accommodating movement...


Pyropanel® Multiflex


Pyropanel® Multiflex sealant is a one component, general purpose fire resistant sealant for construction joints and the sealing of service penetrat...