Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection products attempt to slow the spread or contain fires in buildings through fire-resistant windows, fire proof doors, and fire proofing in walls. Passive fire protection systems are intended to contain the outbreak of a fire and protect the remainder of a building. Passive Fire Protection products must meet each countries or regions building codes and approvals and are tested to determine each products fire resistance rating.

Fire resistant cables also known as fire proof cables provide fire resistance to cabling systems. Typical applications for fire rated cables include fire alarms systems and emergency lights systems.

Fire collars also known as fire pipe collars are mostly installed around plastic soil and waste pipes that pass through fire compartment walls and floors, in order to prevent the spread of fire.  

Fire pillows also known as fire retardant pillows can be used for creating either temporary or permanent fire barriers and are ideal for sealing cable trays and ducts that penetrate fire rated structures including walls and floors.

Fire sealant also known as intumescent fire sealant is used to seal openings and joints in fire resistance rated structures including walls and floors. Intumescent fire sealants include adhesives, fire cements and sealants that provide fire retardant and or heat resistant properties.

Fire Stopping Laminate is used to protect buildings from the spread of fire with an intumescent seal. The fire stopping tape is used as an intumescent seal to protect doors and gate constructions, glazings, plastic pipes and building joints in walls and floors.