Fixed Proportioners

Fixed Foam Proportioners which include Line Proportioners, Ratio-Flow Controllers, Wide Proportioners and In-Line Balanced Pressure (ILBP) Proportioning Units are used with bladder tanks or a foam pumping proportioning system to mix the correct amount of water and foam concentrate to produce fire fighting foam.

Industrial fire protection equipment like foam proportioners are used to protect high risk and hazardous areas such as within the petrochemical industries.


Fomtec BFZ Inductor

Dafo Fomtec AB

BFZ 1 ½" - 8"S The BFZ inductor can be installed in all fixed flow systems, especially in areas where deluge nozzles are used such as storage facilit...


Angus Fire Full Surface Top Pourer

Angus Fire

The Angus Fire Full Surface Top Pourer is specifically designed to provide these higher flow rates whilst generating good quality expanded foam when...

Fixed In Line Inductors Delta2

Fixed In-Line Inductors

Delta Fire Ltd

The DFI Series of Fixed In-Line Foam Inductors form an integral part of Delta Fire's fixed foam equipment range and are designed to accurately propo...


Fomtec WRP 6"- 10" FP

Dafo Fomtec AB

Wide Range ProportionersThe Fomtec WRP FP are suitable for bladdertanks based fixed foam systems where a variable flow rate can occur, such as in spri...


Floatafoam Duo

Angus Fire

The Angus Fire Floatafoam Duo System comprises a number of fully automatic foam delivery modules designed to detect and extinguish floating roof tank ...


Fomtec GB 2"-10" FP

Dafo Fomtec AB

The Fomtec GB “FP” is a high performance foam proportioner designed for use with foam pump and combines very high proportioning accuracy with a lo...


Turbex LNG

Angus Fire

The Turbex LNG is the most effective protection for such specialised and severe cryogenic risks as LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquified Petr...

Variable Round The Pump Proportioner

Variable Round-The-Pump Proportioner

Delta Fire Ltd

The Delta Variable Round-The-Pump Proportioner has become a popular product within Delta Fire's fixed foam equipment range. This foam inductor produce...


Turbex LNG Skids

Angus Fire

Turbex LNG Skids are the proven high expansion foam systems solution to provide a fast and effective answer for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) spills in ...

Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners

Balanced Pressure Foam Proportioners

Delta Fire Ltd

Delta Fire manufactures and supplies four patterns of the DBPP series Foam Proportioners within their fixed foam equipment range. The Balance Pressure...


Ultra-Wide™ Proportioner


The ULTRA-WIDE On-Demand Fire Foam Proportioner is designed to provide the correct amount of fire fighting foam concentrate to mix with a water stre...


Foam Chamber


The Chemguard Foam Chamber consists of a foam expansion chamber and an integral firefighting foam maker. The foam chamber is installed on a flammabl...


High Back-Pressure Foam Maker


The Chemguard High Back-Pressure Foam Maker (CFM) is designed to produce expanded firefighting foam that is introduced into a cone roof storage tank...


(WP) High Expansion Foam Generators


Standard Model Water Powered (WP) High Expansion Foam Generators are designed to expand fire fighting foam solution into millions of tiny stable bub...


In-Line Eductor


The In-Line Eductor has a corrosion resistant brass construction and is suitable for use with water,  AFFF, AR-AFFF, Fluoroprotein and Class “A...


Angus Fire Balance Valve

Angus Fire

Angus Fire Balance Valve is available in three sizes dependent upon the required foam concentrate flow, they are compatible with the full range of Ang...