Supplied by Bavaria Eygpt S A E.

Mobile Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

External Pressure Cylinder Operated
Type: TORNADO-M (100Kg)  
*A one man-operational unit
*High extinguishing efficiency
*Allows repeated operation and intermittence at will
*Chrome-plated valve head with a mechanical over-pressure safety valve
*Equipped with a pressure release valve and a pressure gauge for pressure control
*Propelled with a 10 l external pressure cylinder
*Equipped with a 10 m high pressure reinforced rubber hose for easy manoeuvring
*Supported on a carriage with two rear rollers and a front directional roller for easier manoeuvring with chemical-resistant tyres
*High quality surface treatment and red polyester coating
*Affords the highest extinguishing rating due to its special multipurpose BAVARIA dry chemical powder (ABC)

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