Solo A3/330

Supplied by Detector Testers.

Solo A3

• UL listed and Detector Manufacturer Endorsed Formula
• Non-flammable
• Fastest activation
• Fast clearing time
• Non-Toxic
• No Phthalate Esters
• No silicon content
• Ozone friendly with no CFCs
• Sensor safe – does not damage plastic casing or internal circuitry
• Oil free formulation
• No residue

Solo 330 Dispenser

• Dispenser and patented diaphragm contain particles – conserves test gas / smoke Test gas / smoke not directed at detector-sensor not swamped with particles and detector residue prevented
• Strong and durable yet lightweight for daily use
• Spring-loaded mechanism renders it touch sensitive – for suspended ceilings
• Clear cup and diaphragm enables view of the detector LED while testing
• Universal - suits most detectors
• Interchangeable with all other Solo tools on Solo poles
• Lifetime Warranty
• Smaller cup of Solo 330 contains vast majority of the world’s detectors without being unwieldy and oversized

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