Wilson and Cousins

Address: 4390 Paletta Court , Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5R2, Canada

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Backed by over 130 years of manufacturing experience and an acute awareness of the original "Founding Strengths" of these dedicated industrialists - we meet the challenges of today, and carry out research work to answer the problems of tomorrow. We are in the business of providing "Quality products combined with dependable, reliable service at a competitive price." Where required, Wilson and Cousins has acquired approvals from Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, Factory Mutual Research, and Leading Engineers Worldwide.

The same spirit and dedication of Thomas Wilson and Edward Cousins lives through this new generation of managers. Thus, every firefighting product manufactured at Wilson and Cousins meets or exceeds the current safety standards and regulations. Therefore you can rely on our every product such as Fire Cabinets, Fire Adaptors, and Pressure Restricting Valves, etc. for high level of safety and security as well as maximum fire protection.