Ultra Fog

Address: Backa Strandgata 18, Hisings Backa, 422 46, Sweden

Telephone Number: +46 (0)31 979 870 Email Address:


Ultra Fog AB is a company working with water fog sprinkler systems. Our headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Most of the work at the company is carried out at this facility, construction, development and manufacturing to mention some. Ultra Fog AB works to provide an effective and safe system for fire fighting and to offer all customers a professional treatment.

Effective fire fighting becomes more and more important in our world to protect people as well as property. For more than fifteen years Ultra Fog AB has developed their high pressure sprinkler system for fighting fires with water mist. Water mist sprinkler systems are more effective than conventional sprinklers and all kinds of fires are extinguished rapidly.

Ultra Fog AB offers customized systems for water mist sprinkler systems to fit all needs. Our headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and all development, construction and manufacturing are carried out at this facility. We are continuously developing our products to provide even better fire protection and higher quality for our customers.