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The LiftFire® systemcan be installed outsideof a window or on a balcony.It is fitted with aprotective cover which isaccessed with an easy-tousehandle. Housed insidethere is the hydraulicparts and a wheel with afire resistant rope and harness. Also included is a fire protection sheet touse as a full body cover.The system is very easy and fast to use, simplystep into the harness and the rope allows you todescend slowly to ground level. When you arriveat ground level the belt is designed to retract automaticallyready for use by any other persons. TheLiftFire® is ready to deploy at any time and for infinitenumbers of people as there is no need forexternal energy source. The fire lifts are normal passenger lifts installedinside a building that have an independent powersupply, whereby if the power is shut-off in thebuilding following the outbreak of fire the fire liftremains operable. The Liftfire® is designed for all building typesfrom hotels to private houses.