Protecta PFP

Address: CEME Innovation Centre, Marsh Way, Rainham Essex, London, RM13 8EU, United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 0044 (0) 208 596 5061 Email Address:


Protecta produces products for the building industry, predominatly within passive fire protection but also other products which have one or more protective properties for fire resistance, sound resistance, water resistance or a combination of these. In addition a number of services are given surrounding the products, for example, engineering services, training of installers, assistance with building codes and so on..

The Protecta group consists of several companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK that are all owned by Protecta Group AS. Protecta Group employs 50 people and of these 36 are in the UK. The main office is located in Norway where product developement, testing and distribution are located, while the production and international customer support services are based in UK. In addition we have daughter companies in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Wroclaw that deal with technical support and distribution of products to our clients locally. The group employs building engineers, fire engineers and chemists that all work in cooperation for joint goals even if they are located in different countries.