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With 30 years’ experience and knowledge in Lightning Protection Systems, “Onay” has been established in 2004 in Izmir. Since that time, “Onay” increased its popularity and made its presence felt in the industry; by producing ESE Type Lightning Rods and related products, by giving good service on installation and maintenance and by entering all relevant tenders opened locally. Therefore “Onay” continued its growing activities with confident steps during the years. In a very short time, apart from being a company that produces only standard products, “Onay” has also made its name known as a “Technical Company” working in the “Lightning Protection Systems” Designing & Project planning.

Without compromising the quality, “Onay”s priority has always been to provide products, produced in accordance with the international norms by its experts on lightning rods & grounding protection systems and to supply those at most affordable prices meeting the exact deliver schedule which is strictly in accordance with what was declared to their dealers, distributors and customers.

Working systematically with such a belief and enthusiasm, offering its products and services to its customers always with great success, “Onay” has completed its “Distribution Network/Sales Channels” within Turkey in 7 years. So in 2012, “Onay” has turned its direction towards Overseas Markets and thus started its planned and programmed work which has been carried out case by case and country by country with special care so that “Onay” would be a requested and preferred brand internationally just like what happened in Turkey. Thanks to its quality and vision, “Onay” is not facing difficulties in expanding its dealer’s network worldwide just like in Turkey.

Serving to private sector and government agencies locally as product selling, installation and maintenance and project planning, “Onay” adds one new in its list full of strong domestic and international references.

NFC -14 standards Compliance of “Onay” Active Lightning Rods has been previously tested and approved by The Middle East Technical University in Turkey and now they have also passed through the tests and thus been approved by CPRI/India which is and International Accredited Organization (The relevant test report will be submitted upon request).

“Onay” that believes and says; “Guarantee of the success in the production and the sustainability, is the integrity and the quality of the service” hereby would like to thank to all its partners, dealers, distributors and customers for their interest and support always shown and promise to continue to producing new products following / in accordance with the developments of the sector.