Oggioni S.a.s.

Address: c/o TECNOS S.r.l., Polo Tecnologico Brianza - Edif.13/O, Via Lavoratori Autobianchi, 1, DESIO (MI), Italy

Telephone Number: +390362995062 Email Address:


Oggioni S.a.s. was established in 1996.

Thanks to the long experience in field of : data acquisition, distributed intelligence and field detection in industrial application. Oggioni S.a.s. has rapidly become a major player in the Fire & Gas detection field.

Continuous development has since led us to be principal supplier of toxic/explosive gas sensors as well as of data acquisition modules, supplying important national and international companies, specific products for the safety and environmental monitoring sectors.


The philosophy of Oggioni S.a.s. is as follows.

The Oggioni team is able to offer:

- continuous technical support and a qualified post-sales customer service

* standard and bespoke systems to customers specifications

* equipment for professional use, with high standard of technical specifications in compliance with European standards

* very competitive prices

Currently Oggioni S.a.s. is employed in the research and development of new hardware and software technologies in conjuction with university institutes in order to realise new competitive products/systems able to guarantee customers an ever higher standard of safety at competitive prices.