National Dry Riser Testing Company

Address: 45-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW, United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 01202 201 147
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The National Dry Riser Testing Company offers annual dry riser testing and maintenance to comply with the code of practice for non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings, the British Standard BS 9990:2006.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company has years of combined fire testing experience. All of our service engineers are technically qualified and work to very high standards using high quality specialised equipment.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company legally protects building owners and managing agents of large buildings by providing an annual dry riser test and six monthly visual inspections of all non-automatic fire-fighting systems.

Failure to have a valid test certificate will invalidate your buildings insurance.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company annual dry riser test includes a comprehensive check of the general condition of the dry riser including a FREE re-test if we find any problems. After a dry riser test we provide a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested, is completely safe and fully functioning.

We also offer a dry riser inspection and pressure testing service to protect dry risers against corrosion, neglect and vulnerability to vandalism.

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