Majestic Fire Protection

Address: 16134 Valerio St., Van Nuys, 91406, United States

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At Majestic Fire Protection we care about the satisfaction of our customers. Our experienced Fire Protection Technicians are certified and trained to provide the best possible service on every job. Our Fire Sprinkler System experts plan your system, provide installation, maintenance, repair and testing for all types of commercial fire protection & residential fire protection services. Dry sprinkler systems, pre-action sprinkler  systems and deluge systems are our specialty. We also have Fire extinguisher and Fire Suppression System Technicians certified by the state fire marshal providing fast 24 hour service. Majestic Fire Protection is a full service in-house commercial fire protection company serving Los Angeles, Simi Valley and the Inland Empire. We also repair and test all types of Emergency Exit Lights, Emergency Lights and Smoke Detectors. We take fire protection seriously and make sure all jobs are performed with the highest standards and professionalism.

For over 20 years Majestic Fire Protection has offered the highest quality fire protection equipment and services at the best prices, because we are passionate about providing the right tools to protect your home and business from the destruction fire can cause. Majestic Fire Protection specializes in fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, hoses, fire suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting and so much more. You can have confidence in Majestic Fire Protection’s equipment, to protect your business and your home