LVT- High Tech Fire Protection

Address: Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan , 12125, Israel

Telephone Number: 972.4.690.50.20 Email Address:


Total Protection with LVT's Field-Tested Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

LVT offers custom designing, modeling, testing, and manufacturing of fire detection and suppression systems to meet commercial, industrial, and military requirements. All systems are extensively tested in LVT's inhouse fire testing complex as well undergoing tough field tests. LVT's unique system detects, reacts, and prevents fires.

Headquartered in northern Israel, LVT is Israel’s leading developer and manufacturer of AFSS (Automatic Fire Suppression Systems) for tactical armored vehicles and APC’s, as well as industrial kitchens, off-road vehicles and machinery.

Established in 1950, LVT accumulated in-depth knowledge and experience with military fire suppression systems.

Our competitive edge is based on

a. Fast development cycles

b. Experience accumulated from work with military forces and commercial firms

c. Low lifecycle cost

Based on our extensive experience in Israel & worldwide, LVT has created a comprehensive protection system against fire for optimal protection of people and equipment.

Our AFSS was designed and sold for the I.D.F and is in intensive operational service in terror infested areas. Our system is in operational service more than 3000 MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) US Army.