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We design and manufacture market-leading, high-performance door sealing systems. Our intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire. Our smoke seals restrict smoke movement around a building - giving people time to escape, and reducing property damage.

Improving quality of life every day

Thankfully fires are rare. Yet our seals still work hard every day to enhance a building’s performance. Our acoustic door seals help to contain sound within a room, or prevent it entering. Many of our door seals also improve the building’s energy efficiency by keeping in heat.  We also design our seals so the door can be used with minimal effort, helping those with reduced mobility.

Integrated systems

Ensuring a fire door provides complete protection involves more than door seals alone. That’s why we offer a suite of products for fire resistant glazing, and also door hardware protection. Our intumescent grilles and fire dampers protect ductwork and walls, as well as doors. Taking this ‘system’ approach means we can recommend the most efficient, cost-effective combinations for every situation. Take a virtual tour around a building and explore some of these systems in-situ - click here.

Our technical strength

With almost 35 years, there’s not much we don’t know about door sealing.  Respected throughout the industry for our technical depth, we play an active role in helping to shape standards and best practice.  We share our knowledge openly with our door manufacturer customers, and support their product development in our own research laboratory.